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Term Loans

What are term loans?

Payback of a Term Loan occurs in fixed monthly or quarterly instalments over a certain period of time. This period of time typically lasts up to ten years, but can go as high as thirty years depending on the lender.

These funds are loaned out at a predetermined interest rate, which must be repaid in addition to the principal. Term loans are taken out by businesses when they plan to engage in a project for an extended period of time and expect to see a profit once that time has passed.

Who provides term loans?

Term loans are accepted for those with a good credit history and a reasonable repayment plan. Institutions like banks and credit unions typically issue them. Fixed or variable interest rates may be applied to the repayment of a term loan over its specified term.

Benefit of term loans:

A substantial chunk of cash may be sitting in a company’s bank account, ready to be used for any number of critical situations. The monthly budget could be made more bearable if investments in physical assets were made. They can be simply converted into shares and other sources at the terms specified by financial organisations.

Lessening of Interest Rates

If you borrow money for a longer length of time, you can get a better interest rate on your term loan. The interest rates are also fixed for the duration of the loan.

 Enhanced Versatility

With a term loan, you have a lot of leeway to make adjustments to your repayment schedule. The interest rate, principal amount, and length of the loan are all negotiable. When a company’s credit score is higher, loan covenants can be more loosely enforced.

 Improves Cash Flow

A term loan can let a company make large capital projects without draining its cash reserves. A company might take out a term loan to fund its hiring process, for instance. This will mitigate some of the costs paid during the time it takes for a newly trained employee to contribute to the bottom line.

 Rapid Acceptance

Short-term loan approvals usually take place within two days. The approval process is swift for any type of loan, including those with long repayment periods. This makes term loans a much quicker option than other financing methods.

Maintains Owner Equity

Given that they are a kind of debt financing rather than equity, term loans have no effect on a company’s total shareholder equity. Moreover, unlike equity finance, firm owners are not required to give up control.

Tata Capital offers term loans, and the application process is streamlined. These term loans are ideal for financing brownfield projects, buying equipment, acquiring new businesses, refinancing existing debt, and similar purposes. One of the main reasons why these term loans are so appealing is that we work hard to have a customer-focused, solution-oriented approach.

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