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There are two sorts of stocks: ordinary and preferred. The distinction is that whereas the owner of the former can exercise voting rights in company decisions, the latter does not. However, before any dividends are paid to other shareholders, preferred shareholders have a legal right to a specific amount of dividend payments.

An effective risk management programme encourages a company to think about all of the threats it faces. When assessing risks, managers look at how they relate to one another and how they might have a domino effect on an organization’s long-term objectives.

Market risk, credit risk, liquidity risk, legal risk, and operational risk are the five primary categories of financial risk. Learn about COSO, a 360o view for managing risk, if you’d want to see a framework to manage or identify your risk.

How to trade Gold

With a long history of use as a valuable metal that has served as both a store of wealth and a medium of exchange, gold occupies a prominent place. Therefore, it is crucial for every investor to acquire or maintain exposure to this bright, pricey yellow metal. Trading in gold has advanced to the point where investors are no longer required to possess or physically own the underlying commodity. The basis of gold trading with CFDs is the concept of gold price speculation. The change in the price of gold throughout the course of the contract determines the profit or loss. As with other assets, you can buy in both rising and declining markets when trading Gold as a CFD.

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